Monday, October 25, 2010

Faith Comes by Hearing

Sue will be our speaker, and we ask that you empower her every thought, word, action and prayer as she prepares for the Retreat; give her understanding of each page of your Word. We desire rich times for her in your presence as she listens to you. You know what every lady needs to hear, and we ask that you meet each of them in an intimate and special way with your powerful, healing,
encouraging Word.

~Day 17, 30 Days of Prayer

Sue is our speaker every morning. She is talking about:

~work produced by faith includes joy and suffering

~labor prompted by love involves transformation and sacrifice

~endurance inspired by hope entails working and waiting

Lorrie, our director, had this to say about Sue and her impact: "Our speaker, Sue, is fabulous! She and her husband just moved here 4 months ago. So the guests really relate to her. She has a great sense of humor yet her teaching is deep."

After her talk, the attendees have a time of discussion together. The afternoon is filled with lots of fun activities. More about that tomorrow...

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